About us

  • If you need organize a successful event.
  • If you have to make known or launch a product, brand or service.
  • If you want to promote and improve the relationship with its employees, customers, suppliers …

Note that:

The events, in themselves, are a communication vehicle.

People who attend events, want to have a positive experience, enjoy, and not have the impression of having lost time

Everything communicates in an event, the present and the absent

When we refer to “Everything communicates in an event“, it is understood that any decision we make in relation to the same (time, place, speakers, decoration, music, menu, content, etc …) is telling us things about the company or mark that organizes it .

And finally we think what we like to hear from our event?

In Novaeventos, we take care to propose, coordinate and develop all the details of accommodation, activities, transportation, tours, etc. for everything flow naturally.